Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"Do you know who I am, do you know who I am? Hey!"
-New Radicals

So many people have written about the Obama Inauguration. Instead of delving into his speech, what I think of his plans and what not; I give you 5 things you may or may have noticed during this whole ordeal.

1. Obama's kids look happy but not petrified.

Among the many things that endeared Obama to the whole world; his daughters top the list. It's great that they aren't old enough to fully grasp the enormity of their dad's new job; but they are old enough to enjoy the perks. I bet they're not even aware how hard being a teenager will be; with the Secret Service hanging about (your nannies!).

But one of the things I applaud is Barak Obama's insistence that the media leave his daughters alone. This is a great way to ensure your daughters don't become media whores when they grow up ala Paris Hilton.

2. In crucial moments, Obama looks like he's about to puke or poo

It's only natural. Obama's freak out moments are great. If I could vote in the US I would have if only to support a candidate that admits humanity.

3. Michelle Obama usually steals the spotlight even if she doesn't mean to.

The woman is an amazon, a fashionable amazon but an amazon nonetheless. She dances better than the president; she never looks constipated. We have to face it: the lady is damn fine.

4. People look at Obama and think: "A Celebrity with Brains"

Obama has star power. Even Hollywood agrees. No actor or actress worth their ten cents would hang out with a fugly candidate. This was great for his campaign. So many stars wanted to support him; he had to turn down offers.

An lastly, Obama has won the approval of the world

I think it's because he embodies 3 or 4 continents. Being bi-racial never felt so great. Obama has done what few people have done: he became the greatest mongrel of all time.


I should write a better analysis. But I can save that for later.